Eddy Current Inspection Training Course

About Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current is a Non Destructive Testing method for the inspection of discontinuities located on or near the surface of articles. It uses electrical currents generated in a conductive material by an induced magnetic field to detect imperfections or changes in properties within a material.  Eddy Currents can be very sensitive to small discontinuities and has many applications in modern industry. Types of applications which this can be used with are inspections of welds and aerospace materials as well as conductivity sorting of materials.


With TCS NDT's range of equipment and extensive test samples, you can be confident that once you successfully complete an Eddy Current course, you will be prepared for onsite work.
Our ET course is divided into a equal, easy to manage parts of practical and theory, to ensure easy understanding. 


Eddy Current Welds Level II
80 Hours Course

What this course covers:
Eddy Current Unit Setup, Calibration and Checks
Basic Electrical and Electromagnetism Principles
Coils, Induction and Impedance
Phase Lag, Vector Diagrams and Impedance Plane
Effects of Conductivity, Permeability and Frequency
Inspection Circuits and Coil/Probe Types
Uses in Industry, Surface Coating and Conditions.
Product Technology, Detecting Welding Defects and Reporting
Plus more.

Recommended Course Prerequisites

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Basic Literacy Skills

  • Basic Language Skills

  • Intermediate Maths Skills (Algebra and Trigonometry)

  • Product Technology and Processes

While not essential, as the course notes do cover all required areas, reading some of the below literature might help provide additional knowledge, and are generally available in reference libraries:

  • Materials and Processes for NDT Technology. ASNT

  • Eddy Current Testing, Classroom Training Handbook (CT-6-5): ASNT.

  • Non-Destructive Testing Handbook, Volume 4 - Eddy Current Testing. ASNT.

See our knowledge section to try examples of the typical question and problems that you will encounter during the course.

Eddy Current Examinations
We provide examinations for Eddy Current Testing, including PCN to Levels 1 & 2.

Level 1
The ET Level 1 examination: general theory paper, specific paper, and a practical exam.

The options for ET Level 1 examinations are:
Initial Candidate
Resit (Theory)
Resit (Practical)

Level 2
The ET Level 2 examination: general theory paper, specific paper, and a practical exam.

ET Level 2 examinations are:
ET Welds
Resit (Theory)
Resit (Practical)

For more information regarding certification and examination contact our office or see our certification page