Non-Destructive Testing Careers

Why NDT?
Non Destructive Testing is imperative to assure integrity of infrastructure and components.
Some elements within various industries that rely on NDT for asset integrity are; transports vehicles: aircrafts and trains; structural sections: bridges and buildings; and oil and energy sectors: pipelines, oil rigs and pressure vessels.
NDT provides quality assurance; ensuring safety while confirming components perform as expected. Without proper inspection, failure could occur which can result in catastrophes.

Career in NDT
A career in NDT can lead you into various industries, some of which are: Oil & Gas Construction; Mining & Mineral Processing; Structural Steel Fabrication; Pressure Vessel Equipment; Maintenance, Service & Repair of Equipment; Foundries, Rolling and Forging Mills; Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing; Nuclear Construction and Maintenance.

ndt career worker performing non destructive testing of aeroplane engine

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